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Jiangsu BOS Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is a carbon fiber composite materials products manufacturing enterprises. Since its inception, has been committed to the development of carbon fiber composite materials, structural development, technology development and other services for the UAV, medical equipment, industrial equipment, rail transportation and other fields to provide a full range of solutions and professional carbon fiber parts development and manufacturing capacity Well - known domestic market.

We offer solutions for the design of carbon fiber composite materials and the manufacture of lightweight structural parts:-85058.com
  • Master degree or above of the carbon fiber composite research and development team.
  • More than 10 years experience in molding technology of carbon fiber products.
  • Service areas all over the country, the products involved in UAV, automotive, rail transportation, marine military and other high-end industries.

We promise:

Products are high quality, in good faith to treat every customer. We listen to the customer's voice, to meet customer needs, to help them break the problem. we provide:

  • Advanced custom solutions.
  • Rich and perfect product line.
  • Deep drilling years of professional and technical.
  • Uncompromising implementation of standards.
Customer Care

We are committed to the needs of every customer. We strictly implement the "customer service regulations" in the service of each process, let you have a pleasant mood. If you have any questions or need our help, please contact our technical team. We tried to reach it:

  • Efficient;
  • Frank, fair and polite.
  • Patient listening, quick response.
  • Enhance the team's expertise and skills.
Quality assurance

The pursuit of quality is the "Bosch carbon fiber" entrepreneurial spirit. Our "quality control policy" not only to achieve the standard products, and beyond your expectations.

  • "Quality control policy" of the four core:
  • Strict quality management and audit procedures;
  • Warm and timely customer feedback;
  • Product improvement system;

Let's take a look at our customer reviews;

Jiangsu Bos initiative and our technical staff docking contact, the month to help us develop products and products to enhance the performance of the proposed optimization program, and has a professional technical and service team, to accept our recommendations and part of the service Targeted adjustment, we experience the cooperation, success and joy, your customer service staff is very dedicated, and I often contact.

Beijing A Aviation Technology Co., Ltd

April 13, 2017

Jiangsu Bos carbon fiber successfully helped us to develop a high transmittance of carbon fiber equipment, and we provide the project plan required for the new test report, very authoritative, accurate, and their related data to meet my needs. I would like to recommend Jiangsu Bosch Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. to others.

Shanghai a medical equipment Limited

May 10, 2017

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