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Master the industry leading carbon fiber products molding process:

  • Hot Press – The fiber material is first placed in the mold cavity at the molding temperature, and then the mold is pressed and molded to form and solidify the work.
  • Hot-pressing tank – A method of preparing a composite material by curing and molding under a heated and pressurized condition in a vacuum bag sealed composite material assembly。
  • Blowing process - the use of gas pressure to close the mold in the mold blowing material to form hollow products, can form a good performance (such as low stress), can form a complex ups and downs (shape) of the product.
  • 数控加工 –
  • 经由过程认证取磨练的尺度要求。

Hot Press

Mainly used as structural parts, connectors, protective parts. Widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, electrical, chemical, construction, machinery and other fields. As the quality of molded products is reliable, in weapons, aircraft, missiles, satellites have also been applied.


Hot-pressing tank

Hot-pressing tank convergence complex, high cost, large investment. Each time not only consumption of water, electricity, gas and other energy, but also the need for vacuum bag film, sealing tape, suction adhesive, isolation cloth and other auxiliary materials, so that a substantial increase in production costs.

Blowing process

Can produce no scratches, high precision, smooth surface products. Commonly used to form a variety of liquid packaging containers, such as a variety of bottles, barrels, cans and so on.


The company is equipped with conventional CNC equipment, can be sheet, pipe and other milling, drilling and other processing operations, processing accuracy of 0.05mm.

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