BOS high-end synthetic resin successfully available

2017-06-19 23:44

Thermosetting composites have many advantages in industrial manufacturing, low cost, easy processing, easy recycling and other characteristics of such materials in the aerospace, mechanical production, electronic products, automotive industry and other industries have this wide range of applications, especially in the automotive sector The Thermosetting plastics can replace metal as structural materials, only by reducing the weight of the structure can get a lot of technical and economic benefits, in recent years the automobile manufacturing industry is facing a rigid energy-saving indicators, thermosetting composite materials began to gradually replace the original metal materials used to make Automotive structural parts. It is expected that in 2020, the composition of automotive materials, thermosetting composite materials can reach 20KG or so. This year's Paris, France, JEC composite materials show that thermosetting composite materials in the automotive industry, the general trend of more and more obvious.
  Thermosetting materials in the domestic R & D start time earlier, to overcome some of the problems, but the development process is relatively slow, and there is no trip industry scale, no larger pillar company, compared to foreign gap quite large. It is gratifying that China has become the most active region of thermoset composites industry, progress is also accelerating, the future in the manufacturing industry will be a great development.
  Jiangsu Bosch Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. involved in the composite material is mainly resin-based thermosetting composite materials. The resin matrix used includes epoxy, phenolic, unsaturated, polyurethane and other thermosetting resin, the fibers used, including glass fiber, carbon fiber and aramid fiber and other reinforcing fibers. This year, the material research and development department has continuously increased the research and development of new high value-added synthetic resin products. Through the strengthening of independent research and development, the successful development of "UL94V-0 grade flame retardant resin" and other new synthetic resin products, compared to traditional general materials Has a significant efficiency, and promote the upgrading of product quality.
  Jiangsu Boshi Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. closely follow the national development of new strategic policy guidance, to seize the domestic industrial structure optimization and upgrading opportunities, research and development of high-end high-end synthetic resin, scientific development of the company's development plan, and gradually enhance the proportion of high-end products, improve product value, Industry specialization differentiation.
  To seize the national development of strategic new industries and capacity optimization opportunities, vigorously develop functional synthetic resin products, scientific development of new product development planning, and continuously improve the proportion of special products, the development of high value-added, high-end differentiated products. Jiangsu Boshi Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. focused on market demand research, aimed at professional market demand, establish a high standard of new product development direction, market-oriented, driving the industry as a whole upgrade.
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