CFRP may become a lightweight material for automotive batter

2017-06-20 00:14

Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with a high strength and high modulus fiber with a carbon content of more than 95%. Compared with steel, its strength reached 10 times, while the weight is only one-quarter. Carbon fiber material than the modulus is very high, acid and alkali salts and other chemical substances have a good tolerance, salt spray resistance, corrosion resistance, shock absorption ability, in the event of impact, its energy absorption rate is steel 3-5 times, so the security is high.
For the characteristics of carbon fiber materials, engineers began to try to use in the automotive field, especially in the use of new energy vehicles. After years of development, technology has been very mature. In the various parts of the car structure, the body, battery box, drive shaft, roof, car interior and so began to use a large number of carbon fiber composite materials, not only high-end sports car use, ordinary household cars are also widely used.
Typically, the body weighs about 70% of the fuel consumption, so reduce the fuel consumption of the primary problem is to reduce the car's own weight. Carbon fiber-based vehicles reduce their weight, not only fuel efficiency is greatly improved, and indirectly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Carbon fiber material not only in the car body appearance and other aspects of the use of mature, in the new energy battery box application is also more popular, but the overall requirements are higher, production is relatively difficult. At present, large-scale electric vehicle box material used in the combination of steel plate welded together, but the small electric car generally take the chassis hanging battery pack, so the quality of the vehicle, especially the quality of the battery pack is very high, so the need for carbon fiber composite materials Class of light weight, high strength battery box to share the quality of the battery pack pressure.
As the power battery box for the safe operation of the battery pack and play a key role, therefore, relative to other parts of the body products, its anti-collision, waterproof, fire, dust and other aspects of the requirements are particularly harsh. Because the small electric vehicle battery box are generally installed in the lower part of the body, while the lower part of the body operating environment is relatively poor, the box must have the ability to waterproof and dustproof and to resist the erosion of the road environment, the battery box Body must be sealed waterproof, to prevent water short circuit caused by water. In the process of running the battery by the impact of the battery and vibration is relatively large, pure electric vehicle power battery output voltage up to 200 volts or more, the battery box in addition to the protection of the battery to accommodate, but also must effectively isolate the operator and passengers and battery contact, So the battery cabinet protection level also requires very high.
For the new energy vehicles, the power battery is its core component, as a power battery external carrier, power battery box is generally installed in the lower part of the body, mainly used to protect the power battery in the external collision, damage. In the design of the car battery box need to consider the design structure, high temperature resistance, chemical reaction, mechanical properties, their weight and other indicators. In view of the current size of the car battery weight, load-bearing capacity is the first choice to consider things; secondly in the design of the battery box is located in the lower part of the car, the vehicle driving environment for the indicators are required composite standards; final impact and impact capacity But also to meet the requirements. Carbon fiber material density is small, light weight is the best material to achieve the weight of the car, while the carbon fiber tensile strength of 3400MPa or more, high modulus, corrosion resistance, high temperature, the impact of absorption also has a great advantage, The car is safer.
At present, due to the lack of carbon fiber raw material prices and the lack of technical personnel in the industry led to the overall price of carbon fiber battery box higher than the traditional general materials, but with the carbon fiber production technology continues to mature, the rapid development of new energy vehicles will be further demand for carbon fiber battery box Increase. Jiangsu Boshi Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. will also continue to forge ahead, break through more technical difficulties, making the product has been mass development, further reduce costs.
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