Resin as a carbon fiber matrix material of the superiority

2017-06-20 00:18

Carbon fiber is a high-grade reinforced fiber material, the use of such materials and other materials need to be combined to play the performance of the material. Carbon fiber after a number of experimental tests, the current composite matrix mainly metal, ceramic, resin three categories, the mainstream of carbon fiber composite materials are generally selected resin, especially epoxy resin as a substrate. The following Jiangsu Bosch Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce the resin as a carbon fiber composite material advantage.
The current choice of resin-based carbon fiber composite materials are mostly thermosetting resin, such as epoxy, polyester, phenolic resin, and other thermoplastic materials can be compound applications but the use of environmental restrictions, poor temperature performance. Thermosetting carbon fiber resin matrix composites are widely used in aerospace, industrial and life fields. The reason is that there are many advantages over other substrates, thermosetting resins and carbon fibers.
1, resin density is small, and carbon fiber composite can play a carbon fiber itself is light weight, the advantages of small, especially in some need to lose weight and lightweight upgrades on the components, must use resin-based carbon fiber composite materials. At present the aviation, automotive, sporting goods industry, most of the carbon fiber components for the resin base.
2, the stability of product performance is a product of industrial use of the key criteria. Carbon fiber and resin composite performance after the stability of high temperature and low temperature performance are very good, in the inert gas can withstand high temperatures to maintain good performance.
3, carbon fiber resin-based composite corrosion-resistant, salt spray resistance, oil, water, chemical stability and non-toxic side effects, to play in various types of environmental carbon fiber itself performance advantages.
4, resin-based carbon fiber products have good wear resistance, smooth surface can effectively reduce the use of friction in the process, numerous carbon fiber reinforced interface composite structure also makes carbon fiber composite products more wear and more durable.
The current comprehensive measurement of resin-based and carbon fiber tow is the best choice, but in different use of the environment and performance requirements, but also adjust the matrix and the choice of resin or formula. Carbon fiber composite materials research and exploration there is still a long way to go, welcome customers, experts and we communicate with.
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